Molteni Mobili is a company that was established in Via Vecchia Comasina in 1950, ever the "homeland" of Italian furniture.

Our deep ongoing commitment to work and know-how handed down through the generations have enabled us to offer precious services for all those who wish to furnish their home with both tasteful and functional features.
Experience and innovation are the winning traits of our staff that include young minds for avant-garde projects and expert hands to implement them.
Our goal, from the onset, is to offer a turnkey service defined by our in-house staff of architects, home designers, carpenters and a highly competent technical department.
In 2010 we stepped into the heart of Milan with the Flagship Store Cesar’s project. This prestigious window was opened in one of the main streets of Milan, which is centred on design, as an opportunity to significantly contribute towards consolidating the brand Cesar through a partnership with our company, which is based in the area. The Flagship Store was conceived to leave a deep impression in clients even after their visit to the store, enhancing their awareness of bonuses and of the special details that distinguish both the company and its products.
The Store consolidates and focuses relations with professionals and architectural firms, placing them at the centre of our research to meet their cultural needs in terms of both product and services.
The ‘kitchens’ project was included in corporate plans and specifications in 2011, and naturally unfolded into the CONTRACT project, which has made us a leading Milanese firm at the service of companies.
We plan on merging with the Real Estate sector to become an intrinsic part of the real estate project and to offer companies our culture, not only regarding interior décor projects but also in the fields of communication and marketing, and as work site stylist.
In 2016 we strengthened our presence in Milan by opening another Flagship Store, this time for DITRE ITALIA.
A space designed to become the medium to communicate the expressive strength of the product, its language and style. The store takes visitors by surprise for its furnishings. The living-room has been expanded to involve the bedroom, and every room conceals a functional solution to solve the most complex demands through customisation.
A genuine packaging studio designed to resemble a theatre and create a unique purchase experience of the textile world. Our primary goal for the next two years is to expand and improve the proposal for the retail sector, and to consolidate interaction with architectural firms and Real Estate companies.

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